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Others: Basic Tools

Basic Dash Tools and Adapters




Others: Adapters

Adapters will only work when attached to the correct Basic Dash Tool corresponding to your vehicle's make and model. 

Which Basic Dash tool works for my vehicle?

Below is our most up-to-date list of which autos work for which tools - this list is for original parts, so make sure that the parts you have match the tool by checking the Fitment Pictures which you can find on the individual product pages. 

Tools may actually work for more models than what we have listed!

Basic Dash Tool Item Code
Works with Original Parts on
Tool Description Notes
BCB 101
Various Chevy/GM vehicles 59-69: Nova Bel Aire Impala El Camino GTO Olds Buick Note: this excludes 53-59' Corvette [see BCB-103]
Lugs on both ends for slotted retaining nuts.
BCB 102
Chevy/GM Pickup 60-66
Shortened lugs (not full width) on both ends
BCB 103
53-59 Corvette
Lugs on both ends, fitted for narrow slotted retaining nuts.
BCB 104
64-69: Chevelle, El Camino, Monte Carlo, etc.
Pins on headlight and wiper ends
BCB 104A
69-72: Chevelle, El Camino, Monte Carlo, etc.
Headlight end is for slotted headlight nut; pins on wiper end.

*Always Check the Fitment Pictures*

You can find the fitment pictures on the product images of the individual products. Make sure to check that your switches and retaining nuts match the ones shown, since sometimes parts that are different from the originals may end up installed in older cars. 

The list is above is organic - it is growing as we increase our inventory and as we learn more about the cars that may be suitable to the Basic Tools models' specifications. If you have questions, contact me!

Download Printable Instructions for a Tool or Part:
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