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Corvair at college (2).jpg
Although we carry a variety of useful vintage car tools, at Blue Chip Tools we have a love of all things Corvair.  

As an avid owner of a 1962 Corvair, Russell aims to create as many tools and parts as I can for use in both early model (1960-1964) and late model (1965-1969) Corvairs.

(Photograph on left is Russell's Corvair in college)

Corvair BDT & Adaptes

Basic Dash Tools and Adapters


Adapters will only work when attached to the correct Basic Dash Tool corresponding to your vehicle's make and model.

For non-Corvair vehicles shop here

Covair Specialty Tools

Specialty Tools


If you're looking for specialty items for vehicles that are not  Corvairs, check out our section for Adapters: All Other Makes and Models.

Download Printable Instructions for a Tool or Part:
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