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Silver Steel Plate

Item Codes with Compatible Vehicles

Item Code
Works with Original Parts on...
Tool Description Notes
BCB 101
Various Chevy/GM vehicles 59-69: Nova Bel Aire Impala El Camino GTO Olds Buick Note: this excludes 53-59' Corvette [see BCB-103]
Lugs on both ends for slotted retaining nuts.
BCB 102
Chevy/GM Pickup 60-66
Shortened lugs (not full width) on both ends
BCB 103
53-59 Corvette
Lugs on both ends, fitted for narrow slotted retaining nuts.
BCB 104
64-69: Chevelle, El Camino, Monte Carlo, etc.
Pins on headlight and wiper ends
BCB 104A
69-72: Chevelle, El Camino, Monte Carlo, etc.
Headlight end is for slotted headlight nut; pins on wiper end.
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