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Vintage Blue Coupe

About Blue Chip Tools

Creating a small business around a tool for classic cars.


About Our Founder

My career as a machinist started with Sheller Globe in Norfolk, VA.  I learned tool and die machining as well as injection molding manufacturing.


In later years, I started Blue Chip Tools. I performed work for many local companies, but found my calling in designing and manufactured tooling to aid in the assembly of trucks at the Norfolk Ford assembly plant. During that time, I also manufactured parts for Clarks Corvair that they sold to Corvair owners all over the world. 

Although I still perform all types of machine work, I now concentrate on my own dash component tools that I have designed for automotive applications. The very first tool that I designed was one for a Corvair club member that needed to replace a headlight switch in his concours Corvair.


Removing the switch resulted in damage to the decorative bezel, and consequently he had to replace it at a very high cost. The tool allowed the bezel to be removed and installed without any damage. That first tool has evolved and I now manufacture tools to assist in the removal of all types of decorative bezels and retaining nuts found on these common switches for all makes of vehicles.

I am actively involved in many groups in the vintage car arena.


Here are a few that I follow: 

Potomac Ramblers

Chevy Muscle

C3 Corvette

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