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The Basic Dash Tool

AKA, the dashboard component tool. Specially designed dashboard tools for vintage vehicles allow the removal of component switches without damage. We currently have a selection of 12 different Basic Dash Tools for various GM, Chevrolet, and Ford classic models.


The Original Blue Chip Tool

Patent #D927275

With one end, you can safely remove the retaining nut and/or bezel for the headlight switch. 

( Basic Dash Tool, BCB-104 )

BCB - 104

With the wiper end (threaded internally), in addition to removing the retaining nut and/or bezel of the wiper switch, you can also attach various specially fitted adapters in order to increase the functionality of this steel dash tool. 

Need a Custom Order?

If we do not carry the dash component tool that is applicable for your car, contact us.

In exchange for helping us to expand our inventory line, we will manufacture the tool you need, free of charge.

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