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Home of the Basic Dash Tool 


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Safely removes retaining nuts and/or bezels for dashboard, windshield wipers, headlight switches and more.

The Basic Tool and Adapter: A How-To Video


At Blue Chip Tools we have a love of all things Corvair, 
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We currently have a number of Chevrolet GM tools, and we're expanding our inventory to other makes and models.  

Home of the Basic Dash Tool

Specially designed dashboard tools for vintage vehicles allow the removal of component switches without damage.

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In my decades of classic car shows, I've met many folks who have experienced the frustration of having to destroy a perfectly good and somewhat pricey bezel for lack of a tool that can safely remove the retaining nuts.

Basic Dash Tool

also known as a
dashboard component tool

Patent #D927275

We currently have a selection of 15 different Basic Dash Tools which fit various
GM, Chevrolet and

To find the correct Basic Dash Tool item code for your vehicle, check out our pictorial guide to Basic Dash Tool identification:

With one end, you can safely remove the retaining nut and/or bezel for the headlight switch.

Basic Dash Tool, BCB-104.

Basic Dash Tool,
Model BCB-104.
For original '64-'66
Chevelle switches, fits the following retaining nut: 

With the wiper end (threaded internally), in addition to removing the retaining nut and/or bezel of the wiper switch, you can also attach various specially fitted adapters in order to increase the functionality of this steel dash tool. 

Silver Steel Plate

How Does It Work?

An example using Corvette pieces

Step 1

Basic Dash Tool

Step 2

Ignition Adapter Piece

Step 3

Bolt the Adapter on to the Basic Dash Tool 

Other adapter pieces may be available for your vehicle, such as remote mirror, A/C, and courtesy switches. 


When a friend asked if I could make something to help remove his dashboard bezel, I went into my shop and started creating. What started as a helpful hobby for friends turned into a small business. Find out more about the Blue Chip Tools story from the founder, Russ, himself!

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If we do not carry the dash component tool that is applicable for your car, contact us.

In exchange for helping us to expand our inventory line, we will manufacture the tool you need, free of charge.
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